Worship at ABC

  • Reading The Word: God’s mind is revealed on the pages of Scripture.  We do not rush through the public reading of His Word.
  • Hearing The Word Preached: You can expect to be taught, encouraged, challenged, and ultimately given a vision of God that grows your love for the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Singing and Observing Communion: Because our God is exalted, we believe that we should offer the loftiest possible worship.  Lyrics will be theologically rich,
    and the music will be as exalted as we can make it.
    We celebrate the Lord’s Supper: Jesus said we should experience the tactile preaching of His Gospel through the sacraments of bread and wine as often as we are gathered.
  • Praying: We joyfully take advantage of the privilege to talk to God through prayer, to offer our thanks, confess our sins, intercede for others, and cast our cares upon Him.
  • Join Us: We meet at 375 Fowler Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004 at 10:30 am each Sunday