How to Study Your Bible

Knowing how to study your Bible is of utmost importance. One of the reasons some people struggle to open God's Word is that they feel it's outdated and too hard to understand. Can something written to people thousands of years ago possibly have any relevance in our lives? The answer is absolutely, positively, definitely, 100%, "YES!"

We've provided this document to set you on the path of learning how to study your Bible. Don't be discouraged, as with any other endeavor you've set out on, becoming a student of the Bible takes time and practice. Is there low-hanging fruit? Of course! Some times you can read a verse of passage of verses and immediately see how it fits within the Bible and what impact it has on your life. However, we shouldn't be surprised if we read a text of Scripture and aren't sure of its meaning. That's where understanding and utilizing Hermeneutics comes into play.